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VIP Adventure - Fly a legendary MiG-29

Questions and Answers about MiG-29 flights! Reservation Terms & Conditions!

For non-Russian citizens the time frame for Application and Security clearance is approximately 65 days. So give yourself plenty of time.

Necessary documents include — scanned passport copy (page with photо and info pages) and the completed Application form.

It is mandatory to have a valid medical insurance in Russia, during your flight (this is the sole responsibility of the applicant). Failure to have a valid medical insurance will result in (your application being declined)

People with heart problems, high blood - pressure and spinal problems are not able to apply for the flights.

Where can I perform these Unique Flights on a modern Russian jet fighter MIG-29? Is there any other place in the World where such flights are available?

Such flights are performed only in one place in the world - at the Sokol airbase in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia (450 km from Moscow). The Sokol airbase is not just a flight base - it's also a birth place of the MIG-29, so you can be sure that the maximum level of safety and service will be provided.

How you advise to come to Nizhny Novgorod to perform a flight on Russian jet fighter? What types of tours and airline flights you have? What are the most popular tours of your customers?

There are several options to visit Nizhny Novgorod. You can fly via Moscow or get a direct flight to Nizhny from Frankfurt (Germany) by Lufthansa airlines. We have several tours based on these flights - 5 days tour via Moscow or 3 day tour via Nizhny. Or you can purchase just a flight and arrange all your travel details by yourself. You always have a choice with us. But the most popular and the most suggested tour is a tour via Moscow - you can combine a great flight experience with a chance to understand Russian life and witness the beauty of its capital. Moscow is a real "must see" destination. And the airline flights to Moscow are cheaper).

Does your company "Space Tourism" provide all touristic services or you are selling just the flight? What is your service quality for customers?

"Space Tourism" is a full service touristic company and of course we provide all additional services during your tour. But if you want to purchase just the flight - it's also possible. The level of our service is VIP, because all our clients are also a VIP to us. We can provide you the contacts of our previous clients and you can contact them directly to receive honest information.

What are the time frames for MIG-29 jet flight booking and the selection of a flight date? Why it's necessary to book a flight in advance?

You should book your flight and choose a date at least 60 days in advance. Such requirements are applied due to a long security clearance process to receive a pass to enter the restricted for visitors Sokol airbase.

How serious are the Medical Requirements for tourists? What will happen, if I will not pass the medical check at the Sokol before the flight? For what kind of health issues such jet flights are not recommended?

Medical requirements are simple for tourists. You must understand that a good state of health is necessary for this. But generally there are no special requirements. The flights are prohibited only for people with heart, spinal and brain surgery. We are sure, that you will be permitted for the flight at the medical check just before it because it's more of a formal check included just for your blood pressure check and the general briefing with a doctor about your claims. If you want, you can check your health in advance at your local doctor to present the required documents to the Sokol staff at the airbase.

Are there any age requirements to perform a flight?

Yes. To perform a flight you must be from 18 to 70. But we can discuss these terms individually, if you are out of this range.

What type of payment of a jet flight tour to Russia your have available at your company "Space Tourism"? What guarantees you provided for clients to confirm the safety of payments?

We have a wide range of payment terms. You can pay via bank invoice according to your Contract to our currency account.  Our Registration Number in the Russian Federal Register of Tour Operators is . This official status of our company confirms that all of our clients are, as guaranteed, by the Russian Government, will receive a mandatory insurance covering an amount of 300.000 USD for all types of touristic risks if required.

How much time does it take for the preparation procedure of the MIG-29 flight? What is the schedule of the day at the base for tourists?

The preparation time is about 2 hours and includes a briefing with your pilot about the flight program and the maneuvers, a medical check, a cloth change for the G-suits, technical training for the aircraft flight and the cockpit training. You can see the detailed information at the "Flight day Schedule".

Can I create my individual tour Program?

We will try to do our best to meet your requirements. Just contact us in advance and we will try to arrange the additional points in your tour and also in your MIG flight program. Of course, your wishes are limited by the technical security requirements.

What programs you have for the flights?

We have a selection of 3 main Flight Programs:

Aerobatic flight in the MIG-29 (25 minutes) - subsonic flight with all the main maneuvers;

Aerobatic flight in the MIG-29 (40 minutes) - Supersonic flight with a strong Aerobatic Maneuvers program included;

Edge of Space + Aerobatics in the MIG-29 (40 minutes) - the most great and the most popular program, which includes the flight to the Stratosphere to an altitude of 17-18 km and the advanced Aerobatics. This program is one of the TOP-10 worldwide adventure programs (according to the rating of the World Touristic Association).

What can I see at the Stratosphere?

You will see the dark sky, the border between land and space, and the stars which are very close to you and you will get to understand, that our Earth is really a Globe! The "open glass" cockpit of the MIG-29 will guarantee you a brilliant view from the sky above.

How can I book a flight?

Just contact us via e-mail, Skype or call us. We will be glad to assist you in your choice. Or visit our web-page and use our new service "On-line consultant". We will answer all your questions on-line in a chat mode.

Shall I possess a pilot license to be able to participate in a supersonic flight?

No. Our customers range is from experienced pilots to those who have never flew before.

Do you offer a combined package with several jet fighters flights?

Yes. You can make several reservation packages.

What kind of cloth is appropriate?

All the equipment and clothes will be provided to you at the airbase.

What happens if I get sick and can't arrive?

We highly recommend you to take travel insurance for your trip in case you are prevented from attending due to illness. Then the out of pocket expenses may be covered by your travel insurance.

Will I get sick during a flight?

Most likely not, if you follow our simple guidelines provided. Less than 5% of people are actually ill during a flight. We ask  you to avoid alcohol for 24 hours before the flight. Eat light meals at your usual times on the day of the flight. Also avoid taking anti nausea medication, as it tends to make people sick.

Are cameras allowed at the Air Base?

No. Only our authorized cameraman can film at the base. We recommend you to order a DVD film and photо package together with your tour.

Can my friends or family members accompany me? Will this be interesting for them? What will they see?

Of course, they can come and it will be really interesting for them too. They will see a private air show with your participation and will witness the top moment - the jet low pass just above your friends heads on the 10 meters altitude!

Can you provide contacts of American and European clients, who already had a flight on the MIG-29 via your company, for the confirmation of your service level and financial stability?

Sure, we can. Just contact us and we will give you all the details. You can also see the references from our clients at our Impressions page and at the page of the Sokol airbase.

Did your company provide insurance for tourists?

Yes. We arrange an included in the tour special insurance for 50.000 USD from an emergency incident.

Why MIG-29 flights are so expensive? What is taken into the price calculation? Can the price be lower?

The price is strongly dependant on the fuel’s price. From 3 to 5 tons of fuel is used for your flight. Also, over 120 employees of the Sokol airbase are involved in the conduction of your flight, security, navigation, doctors, firefighters, technical staff, pilot, special laboratories, etc. You safety is our priority and we prefer not to minimize this factor. The price can be less according to our discount system for our customers who take the tour not for the first time.

Can I provide a "MIG-29 jet fighter flight" as a gift to my friend or girlfriend?

Yes, sure. We have a system of Gift Certificates and you can arrange such great and unique gift for all your related people. This gift will remain in the memory of a person for a lifetime.

Can women fly on the MIG-29? Did you have female customers before? What programs they prefer?

The MIG-29 flight is available for all and we had a lot of pretty ladies fly like top-guns. The greatest and the most easy flight for women is our Edge of Space flight, because it's a flight for impressions and mostly a celebrity level flight.

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