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for MIG-29 Flights, Moscow, Russia

VIP Adventure - Fly a legendary MiG-29

Zero Gravity Flight and MiG29 flights have done tourists in their summer vacations in Russia!

Zero Gravity Flight group
Tourist flying in Zero Gravity
Tourist rotating in Zero Gravity
Tourist in MiG29 flight
jet MiG29 in maneuvres

Summer brings hot emotions to our tourists who did Zero Gravity Flight in August 2017.
These fans of adventure ,space,aviation, have done Zero Gravity Flight in IL-76 this August! It was group of 14 people from different countries such as Kazakhstan, Great Britain, New Zealand, Malaysia and Russia. During the flight tourists experienced 10 modes of Zero Gravity 25-28 seconds each. For an untrained person it is not that simple, but our tourists made it well and spent a great time during the Zero Gravity Flight. They was having fun as real cosmonauts in weightless! Experienced instructor staff of Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (GCTC) helps during the flight to float in the air,fly through the plane and rotate.

Zero G Flight took 1 hour and 20 minutes. Every tourist left the airfield with amazing emotions and joy!

Some tourist combine their Zero Gravity Flight with space training as cosmonaut, which is also we could offer to you as new experience and adventure. You could feel like cosmonaut passing training in GCTC!

And the most extreme fans, continue their adrenaline adventures in Mig-29 flight to Stratosphere!
It was really hote summer for tourists from all other the world coming to aviation and space adventures! And we are waiting new tourists, who want to feel adrenaline!
You can become a real cosmonaut and with other tourists enjoy a flight in a Zero Gravity, which is scheduled on 30-31 of October.
Don’t miss such a unique opportunity! Send us your passport for email to book your place in group!