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VIP Adventure - Fly a legendary MiG-29

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Space month with Zero Gravity and Baikonur Tour is great finish of the year!

We have got interesting and exciting space month with several events!
In the end of November we complete Zero Gravity Flight in IL-76. Our group consist of tourists from China, France and Russia- really fans of space and adventure!

For all our tourists who flew in Zero Gravity is not just adventure, but it is fulfillment of their childhood dream.

40 years Anniversary since first flight of the legendary MiG-29 on October, 6!

Exactly forty years ago, on October 6, 1977, the legendary Soviet fighter MiG-29 made its first flight. The fighter was a real breakthrough in the aviation industry of the Soviet Union - the MiG-29 designed by Mikoyan and Gurevich Design Bureau designers was distinguished by excellent aerodynamic performance, high maneuverability and range of flight.

Impressive even by modern standards, the flight-technical characteristics of the MiG-29 allow the fighter to make astonishing aerobatics figures, and also to climb to the Stratosphere to a height of 18 kilometers.

Zero Gravity Flight and MiG29 flights have done tourists in their summer vacations in Russia!

Summer brings hot emotions to our tourists who did Zero Gravity Flight in August 2017.

Hot summers events tour to Air Show MAKS -2017, Mig-29 flights.

Traditionally each 2 years we organize special tour for visit of Air show MAKS, and this time we follow our tradition. We collect international groups for Air show MAKS-2017. Our tourists came from Hong Kong, Australia, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA,Japan, China, Germany. Totally it was 50 people in our groups.
This time Air show MAKS visitors have been excited by performance of aerobatic team from Iran. They did a wonderful colourful performance in the air with L-39 jets.

Make your vacations this Summer 2017 in Russia with MiG-29 Flights, Zero Gravity Flight.

Summer is good time to visit Russia and why not combine it with really special adventures?
In August you could experience several interesting adventures:

How to be a cosmonaut and fly in weightless with Zero Gravity Flight on board IL-76MDK!

Have you ever dream to be a cosmonaut or to feel yourself in absolutely freedom flight without any risk? So, you could do it!

Hurry up to book your date for MiG29 Flight for Summer!High Season is coming!

Summer is close and it is time to think about your vacations!
Our High Season for Mig-29 flights are quite full!
We are actively booking MiG29 Flights for summer now. And it is good way to spend your vacation not usual, and unique!

You still think come or not? Stop thinking!

12th of April – World Aviation and Cosmonautics day

Today, 12th of April the world is celebrating the World Aviation and Cosmonautics day. On 12th of April 1961 Soviet cosmonaut Yuriy Alexeevitch Gagarin performed a first manned flight to the space on a “Vostok-1” spaceship. In Russia this holiday is know as a Cosmonautics day, which has been celebrating since 1962. In 2011 UN Council accepted a resolution which declared 12th of April as a World International Day of Human Space Flight.

We organized new group Zero Gravity Flight on 3rd of November 2015 for tourists from different countries!

We glad to tell that 3rd of November we have done new Zero Gravity Flight for our international group of tourists! In Zero-G Flights took part tourists from Russia, Spain, Iran, and even russian actors! For this flight we have done very beautiful red flight suites, which tourists left to themselves as souvenir after the Zero-Gravity Flight. Our tourists like this experience very much! It was really new emotions, new experience and we have done lots of photos.

The most intensive August is over! We have done great work: 5 MiG-29 flights, 1 Zero-Gravity flight, Space Simulators in Star City for the tourists, tour to MAKS 2015 for 49 participants and ect!

Finally, finished August in company “Space Tourism”. It was really intensive and hard period of time in job and incoming of tourist to Russia.
During this month all our staff was hardly working in applying foreign tourist and organizing their aviation and space adventures.

We make sales of MiG-29 Flights for 10 years!! Anniversary of MiG-29 Flight for tourists!

Dear Friends,
23 of May 2015 we have got 10 years Anniversary, from moment when have been signed Government Resolution of the Russian Federation to organize and conduct demonstration flights in MiG-29 in Aircraft Plant “Sokol” in Nizhniy Novgorod. This gives us opportunity to sell these MiG-29 Flights for civilians!
This is a significant date and Anniversary with which we congratulate you all!