Fly to the "Edge of Space" in MiG-29! Space Program in MiG-29.

For the moment flights in MiG-31 are not avaliable as the aircraft is on service!

All the flights are performed in MiG-29!

Video of the Flight to The "Edge of Space" in MiG-29

Piloted by one of Russia's top certified test pilots, you will have a breathtaking take-off with afterburners blazing, and travel at more than twice the speed of sound. From the cockpit you will be able to observe the Earth from a tremendous altitude, up to 19-20 km, and look directly into the depths of space. Confirm for yourself that the Earth really is a sphere, and touch the stars for an instant! You will be astonished to see the distinct boundary between the sky and space, the curvature of the Earth with a layer of white around it, then a blue band on the horizon and the sky becoming gradually darker. Feel the adrenaline rush as you reach the "Edge of Space" at supersonic speeds!

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Flights in Russian MiG-29 military jets up into the stratosphere according to the Edge of Space program to an altitude of 65,000 feet (19-20 km) are officially organized and have been carried out by our Sokol air base for a long time for both Russians and international visitors alike. This branch of V.I.P. recreation is very popular and well known among our foreign partners and customers who have flown to the border of outer space on the Edge of Space program in a MiG-25 jet at the Flight Research Institute named after M.M. Gromov in Zhukovsky, but now, all flights in MiG-29 are performed here, at the Sokol air base in Nizhny Novgorod.


The MiG-25 flights were discontinued due to the obsolescence and removal of the Foxbat aircraft from service. Jet flights from the Zhukovsky airbase were also stopped three years ago!! That is why you can only fly a jet in one place in Russia - at Sokol airbase, close to Nizhny Novgorod. In the past, the possibility of looking at the Earth from the stratosphere to see the same views as cosmonauts or astronauts could, was only military pilots’ prerogatives; however nowadays, any ‘man-of-means’ may see the Earth from the Edge of Space. We guarantee that having seen the black space, the bright Sun and the revolving Earth, you will not remain indifferent or disappointed, and the flight itself will become an experience of a life-time.

Unique Video of Stratosphere from the MiG-29 cockpit

Despite the fact that the MiG-29 Fulcrum flights to the stratosphere as part of the Edge of Space program are fairly expensive, our customers have many reasons to participate in this adventure – the desire to challenge yourself, gain first-hand experience and marvellous impressions (recorded by a video camera) thus distinguishing yourself from the people around you.

The unique combat fighter-interceptor MiG-29 gives you the opportunity to fly to the border of space, and as the practice of these flight arrangements shows, you will not experience G-loads and will be overwhelmed by the variety of impressions and pleasure. These flights to the stratosphere in Russian fighter-interceptors MiG-29 have been legally performed for over 10 years.

It does not take much time for a tourist to prepare for and enjoy the flight to the stratosphere in a MiG 29 – all necessary pre-flight preparations and the flight itself take about 3 hours at the Sokol air base.

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The preparation for the flight to the Edge of Space program itself goes on for about half an hour. Tourists will discuss the flight program with the pilot, talk to the doctor about the state of their health, change into a high altitude suit and additional special equipment (oxygen mask, helmet, etc.). Customers will be briefed on the specifics of their MiG-29 fighter jet and inspect the main components and parts of the plane. Then they will be led to the cockpit as the aft pilot, familiarized with the main control instruments and briefed on the emergency procedures.

The Flight to the Stratosphere itself takes about 45 minutes from the moment you take off till the touch-down. During the flight you will fly to the altitude of 19-20 km and accelerate to the hypersonic speed of 2400-2500 km per hour. During your descent, high aerobatic maneuvers will be performed. The package is quite flexible and can be re-designed by the pilot, depending on your experience during the flight. You will have constant intercom connection with your pilot. Please do not assume that these flights are only for physically strong young men. We have substantial experience organizing these flights for 65-year old men, as well as for women of all ages, all of whom have coped well with all the different G-loads and loved the experiences.

Upon landing successfully, you will be given a personalized Certificate commemorating the flight and your participation, along with a photo-session with the pilot. If you have a flight book it will be filled out, describing the flight in a MiG-29 military fighter jet.

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