Authorized Agency by «Sokol» airbase
for MIG-29 Flights, Moscow, Russia

VIP Adventure - Fly a legendary MiG-29

Aerobatic Experience flights in the MiG-29

Today, we are offering two variations of the flights with an Aerobatic Experience in the MiG-29, which are different in duration, the option to fly at Supersonic speed (Speed of Sound) and, of course, in price.

  1. Subsonic Aerobatic Experience in the MiG-29 (25 min) is the simplest and cheapest flight program that we offer. During this flight program, several Aerobatic Maneuvers will be performed, such as: Barrel Rolls, Immelmanns, Tail Slide, Loops, Hummer Head, Inverted Flight and etc. Aerobatics will be performed on an altitude of 1-3 km. During this program, you will not have an opportunity to accelerate (to) the Supersonic Speed. The price is UPON REQUEST.
    Your flight program is flexible, there is no precise plan of the Aerobatic Maneuver performance, because your health status can change during the MiG-29 flight. Our aim is to create an exciting and comfortable Adventure!
  2. Aerobatic Experience with a Supersonic flight in the MiG-29 (40 min) is a more advanced flight program rather than the previous one! Apart from the Aerobatic Maneuvers demonstration, you will be able to accelerate to the Supersonic Speed (2100 km/h). However, be aware, that there will be less Aerobatics performed in the MiG-29 if you decide to make a Supersonic flight. The price is UPON REQUEST.




There is one important point, which everyone must understand! During an Aerobatic Experience in the MIG-29 Flight Programs you will not be able to reach the Stratosphere! According to your wishes and health terms, the pilot can increase or decrease the overloads! Aerobatic Maneuvers are performed from simple to advanced, because our aim is to create a suitable flight program for you!

Moreover, there is a special opportunity for our guests. During the MiG-29 flight you will be able to control the Jet for a few moments! This is an unbelievable experience to control the world’s famous aircraft!

Practically, everyone can take part in the Aerobatic Experience in the MIG-29 fighter! There are no serious health restrictions. You must be in a good health state and passionate for the extreme, are those requirements hard to match? The average age of our guests is 60-70 years and they were really happy, because we satisfied all their wishes with precision.

Our pilots are so experienced that they can execute every flight program with a consideration of your health statement. The Overloads range from 2G to 9G. Preflight trainings are not necessary, because you will have a medical check, briefings from the pilot, trainings with the equipment exactly before the flight and all these procedures will take no more than 3-4 hours!

These Flight Programs with an Aerobatic Experience in the MiG-29 were created for the real adrenaline lovers! We can create an absolutely cool and extreme atmosphere for you, with high safety level, on one of the most famous and powerful aircraft in the World!

Take your friends with you and they will be able to see a private Air Show with the MiG-29 Jet Fighter! They will enjoy Aerobatic Maneuvers as much as you will onboard. However, you need to consult with us about the number of people you would like to take with you.