Flights in MiG fighter-jets at Sokol airbase

Our company "Country of Tourism" offers tourists different flying programs varying in duration and comlexity, using MiG 31 and MiG 29 fighter jets. We can divide our programs into the following: Sky, Space and a complex mixed flying program Sky + Space. We offer very different packages, providing different experiences.

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Explore the sky and experience many thrilling aerobatic maneuvers, from the basic standard ones to the most advanced, (depending on your physical condition) - with the MiG 29 Fulcrum! This program comes in two flight-packages of varying duration, 25 minutes and 45 minutes. The maximum acceleration you would experience during these flights may reach 7-8 G, with a minimum of 3-4 G. However, the flight packages are quite flexible and could be redesigned by the pilot, according to how you are feeling during the flight. You would have constant communication with your pilot via built-in intercom. Please don’t think that these flights are only for physically strong young men. We have substantial experience organizing such flights for 65-year old men, as well as for women of all ages! All of them have coped well with all the different G-loads and loved the experience.

Most suitable for customers who want to experience a thrilling adrenaline rush, and who would enjoy unique, extensive aerobatic maneuvers with high G-loads.


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Explore space and observe our planet from above (19-20 km up avove) with the MiG-29. This unique high-altitude MiG-29 fighter-interceptor will fly you to the "Edge of Space". Based upon our previous experiences with such flights, you would not be exposed to any G-load sensations at all! What you would experience is the amazing feeling of seeing the boundary between the sky and space, and the curvature of the Earth, with a layer of white around it, a blue band on the horizon and the sky becoming gradually darker. Yes, you are right: this is exactly what the cosmonauts see from their space shuttle! Our Sokol air base can also offer similar flights to the stratosphere at the "Edge of Space" in a fighter jet.

Sky + Space (Suborbital Flight in MiG 29)

MiG-29 flights - one of TOP-10 Worldwide Adventures! Fly with us to the TOP!

This is an absolutely Unique and Complex flying Program in MiG-29 jet consisting of a flight to the stratosphere at the "Edge of Space" coupled with experiencing high-performance flight-maneuvers as the aircraft descends to lower altitudes.

During the 45-minute flight in MiG-29, you would have a wonderful opportunity to feel many positive emotions and to have a great deal of pleasure by observing the Earth from the edge of Space as well as experiencing the complexites of aerobatic maneuvers at lower altitudes. You would be able to well appreciate, how capable our fighter-jets, MiG 29s really are of accomplishing all that.

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