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Fly a MiG-31 Foxhound fighter jets Over Russia!

MiG 31 in our airbase

"Quicker, higher, stronger". This slogan meshes with military engineering. Economy and reliability are no less important. All the above-mentioned refers to the legendary MiG-31... the only Russian fighter jet that is called (in Russian) a ship! It is capable of simultaneously destroying objects flying at different speed and altitudes. Its apparatus not only control the large airspace volume but also able provide information on other aircraft. All weather, high-speed and secure... that makes the MiG-31 an aircraft of 21st Century. You will have a unique opportunity not possible anywhere-else in the world to partake of a tourist flight in this fighter jet and have an utterly exciting, totally unforgettable, and absolutely unbelievable views and experiences.

MiG 31

The MiG 31 is a supersonic interceptor aircraft developed to replace the MiG 25 "Foxbat". The MiG 31 is designed to be integrated into the national air-defense system and is capable of continued patrolling and destruction of all types of aerial targets including small-sized winged missiles, helicopters and high-altitude supersonic aircraft both daytime or nighttime under any weather and extensive electronic warfare conditions.

This most capable Russian air defense interceptor aircraft, the MiG-31 (NATO code "Foxhound") has a multiple-target engagement capability and was the first Soviet fighter to have a true look-down, shoot-down capability. It was the MiG 31 in which the impressive, new N007 Zaslon radar - the first electronically scanned phased array radar - entered service in the world. It could track 10 targets simultaneously as well as scan 200 km forward. This radar could also track and engage a target flying behind and below the aircraft. The Zaslon antenna instead of being directed mechanically, is of a fixed type, and the radar beam is moved electronically. This allows the entire diameter of the fuselage to be used for the antenna, condsiderably improving the effective operating range since both are directly related. Electronic steering of the radar beam is faster than mechanical, and more accurate. All signal processing is digital. The most powerful and flexible in the world.

Fly MiG 31

The radar ensures simultaneous search and attack of several targets using long-range missiles and makes possible to interact within a group. The MiG 31 interceptor fighter can intercept air targets in VFR and IFR weather conditions, day and night and in continuous and discontinuous field of control and guidance commands (solo and in group), regardless of the target’s defensive maneuvers and ECM.

The MiG 31 aircraft is regarded by the leaders of the Russian Air Force as the main air defence fighter aircraft. The aircraft and its airborne radio-electronic equipment are being continuously upgraded and new aircraft weapons are being introduced.

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