Fly in MIG-29 for Tourists! Fly to " E d g e of Space" & Complex of Aerobatics in MiG-29! Prices of the Flights in MiG-29 in Sokol airbase!

We invite you to have a MiG-29 flight - the legendary military Fighter Jet!
Company «Country of Tourism LTD» is an international tour operator on space and aviation tourism. We suggest you to have flights in Russian MiG-29 fighter jet. Our company is the only place where the flights are officially permited. There is only one place in Russia where there are demonstration flights in MiG-29 fighter jet for tourists. It is Sokol Airbase in the city of Nizhniy Novgorod. Our managers have a great experience in organizing the tours because our company has been organizing commercial flights in MiG-29 fighter jet for tourists from the year 2005.
We are the official representative of Sokol Aviation Plant on complex arrangement of the flight tours in fighter jet MiG-29UB and interaction with foreign contractors with getting a special Sertificate about it.
Our travel agency has organized and carried out more than 220 flights in MiG-29 fighter jet for the last 7 years in the Sokol airbase. And now we are the absolute Leader on selling the flights in Russian fighter - jets MiG-29 UB in the world. Tourists from almost all countries of the world who had a flight in fighter jet MiG-29 have become our clients.
Our company «Country of Tourism LTD» is ready to offer a few flight programs depending on the length and complexity using MiG-29 fighter jets for tourists. We offer such programs as: Aerobatics Experience in MiG-29 (25 min or 45 min) Aerobatics + «Edge of Space» flight in MiG-29 (45 min) – one of the TOP-10 in Worldwide Adventures!
The flights in MiG-29 russian fighter - jet are being sold not only for the citizens of Russia but for the foreigners as well (you can read information about the flights in MiG-29 and the tours to Russia for the foreigners in our web-site www.bestrussiantour.com).
The period of getting the official Authorization for the citizens of Russia is three-four days, and not less than sixty days for the citizens of all other countries.

MiG-29 Flights for civilianss

Tourist flights in military fighter jets

MiG-29 Flights for civilians at Sokol airbase!.

We provide the following Flight Program:

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Our fighter jets

Our MiG Fighter Jets

At our air base you can become acquainted with our legends of soviet and Russian aircraft engineering. The flights in our fighter jets will help you to experience absolutely new and positive emotions, impressions and feelings.

We provide flights in the following fighter jets:

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Test Pilots & Sokol Staff

Test Pilots & Sokol Staff

You will get to know with our team of professionals without whom it will be impossible to carry out such wonderful flights.

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Airbase museum

Our airbase museum

At the territory of our air base there is a unique museum that doesn't have analogues in the world of aviation. With our professional guides you will have a wonderful opportunity to walk through the ages of history from the beginning of avia and space industry.

Sokol airbase museum

Clients' impressions

Clients' impressions

If you ever wanted to get the most unforgettable and breathtaking impressions, but didn’t know how to do that you should read here. Our clients will share their impressions with you with pleasure.

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About Sokol Airbase

About Sokol airbase

Nizhny Novgorod Aircraft construction plant SOKOL was founded in 1932. It is one of the leading companies of the airspace industry in Russia. Until now, it has produced more than 43,000 aircraft. Sokol is a member of the United Aircraft Corporation of Russian Federation. In 2008 the UAC Board made the decision to place manufacturing of the main range of MIG fighters to the Sokol base in Nizhny Novgorod.

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